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Value the Stuff you own

Track the value of stuff you own - item valuations give you an accurate picture of each items worth, portfolio building tracks changes in value, all whilst measuring your reselling and collecting profit over time.

Through connecting to the most relevant & active resale marketplaces, we support portfolio valuations based on real-time sale values. 

Features & Benefits


Log your assets. Verify them against our internal database and existing global marketplaces. Get regular, real-time, accurate pricing updates on all your stuff.


Build your portfolio, create groups and have full oversight of all your stuff. When the time is right - sell items directly from your portfolio.


Create watchlists of items you want. We spot opportunities in other portfolios and create trades at the most appropriate marketplace available to handle your exchange.

As a new user, you'll be utilising our default freemium subscription model - The Hobby Plan. But if your serious about optimising sales and heightening marketplace understanding - our upper tiers are for you; offering increased functionality, oversight and possibilities.

Subscription Plans

Built by entrepreneurs,
for entrepreneurs.

Stuffpreneur was created to encourage a circular economy whilst generating
revenue for stuffpreneurs; those who recognise the value in everyday life.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Our Integration Scope

Valuations based on relevant


The Hobby
Default opt

10 items | 1 portfolio | 1 watchlist | Limited pricing updates (weekly) | Manual Input of items | Chrome plugin

The Trader
per month

100 items | 5 portfolios | 5 watchlists | Daily Pricing Updates | Import of items | Chrome Plugin 

The Stuffpreneur

per month

Unlimited items | Unlimited portfolios | Unlimited Watchlists | 
Marketplace listed sync | 
Intra day pricing

For early access & the chance to win free for life subscription - subscribe now!
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